magento 2 technical problem with the server created an error

I have faced the same issue and its like the system was throwing the below error

Magento ver. 2.2.0-dev – A technical problem with the server created an error. Try again to continue what you were doing. If the problem persists, try again later

To fix the issue I have deployed the static content again and done reindexing and cache clearing

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

php bin/magento cache:flush


PHP FastCGI Process Manager

FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features (mostly) useful for heavy-loaded sites.

These features include:

advanced process management with graceful stop/start;

ability to start workers with different uid/gid/chroot/environment, listening on different ports and using different php.ini (replaces safe_mode);

stdout and stderr logging;

emergency restart in case of accidental opcode cache destruction;

accelerated upload support;

“slowlog” – logging scripts (not just their names, but their PHP backtraces too, using ptrace and similar things to read remote process’ execute_data) that are executed unusually slow;

fastcgi_finish_request() – special function to finish request and flush all data while continuing to do something time-consuming (video converting, stats processing etc.);

dynamic/static child spawning;

basic SAPI status info (similar to Apache mod_status);

php.ini-based config file.


Writeable Folders Magento 2

“{“path”:”app/etc”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”var”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”pub/media”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”pub/static”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”generated”}” writable directory permission.


PHP Extensions Required Magento 2

PHP Extension curl.
PHP Extension dom.
PHP Extension iconv.
PHP Extension mcrypt.
PHP Extension simplexml.
PHP Extension spl.
PHP Extension xsl.
PHP Extension intl.
PHP Extension mbstring.
PHP Extension ctype.
PHP Extension hash.
PHP Extension openssl.
PHP Extension pdo_mysql.
PHP Extension soap.
PHP Extension zip.
PHP Extension phar.
PHP Extension xmlwriter.
PHP Extension libxml.
PHP Extension pcre.
PHP Extension gd.


Cross-Site Request Forgery

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they’re currently authenticated. CSRF attacks specifically target state-changing requests, not theft of data, since the attacker has no way to see the response to the forged request. With a little help of social engineering (such as sending a link via email or chat), an attacker may trick the users of a web application into executing actions of the attacker’s choosing. If the victim is a normal user, a successful CSRF attack can force the user to perform state changing requests like transferring funds, changing their email address, and so forth. If the victim is an administrative account, CSRF can compromise the entire web application.