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Create Cookie

Cookies can be created using the function ‘ setcookie(name,Value ,exp,path,domain)’ and its arguments are given below

Name :Name of the cookie that store the value and it is using to retrieve the stored data

Value : Its the value to be stored in the cookie ()generally we store login details like username , password)

exp : This is the the time that cookie lasts . if its not set ,the cookie will get destroyed when the browser closed .

path : This is path where the cookie to be stored

Domain: Domain where the cookie to be generated


setcookie(“user_name”, “phpcodez”, time()+3600);

cookie php

Cookies can be used to store user information for future use . Cookies allow us to store data in users’ machine it self . Cookie is a small file that the server generate in user machine and using that file server can identify the user .When ever the browser send http request to the server , it send the cookies as well . Cookies can be created using PHP functions .