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What is .vm file?

VM file is a Velocity Macro File. Apache Velocity is a Java-based template engine that provides a simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in Java code.

Velocity macro files (VM) are Velocity`s templates, they are html files with variables that are substituted by Velocity.


command to list files in dos

dir – Lists all files and directories in the directory that you are currently in.
dir /p – It will display all files one page at a time.
dir /w- You can use this command to list just the files and directories going horizontally
dir /s /w /p – Llist all the files and directories in the current directory and the sub directories after that, in one
dir /s –   Lists the files in the directory that you are in and all sub directories after that directory
dir *.exe – The above command lists any file that ends with .exe.
dir >file.txt -Takes the output of dir and store  it to the file file.txt
dir /s |find “i” |more – List all directories, one screen page at a time, and see the number of files in each directory and the amount of space each occupies.
dir /ad  – List only the directories in the current directory.
page at a time.
dir /on-List the files in alphabetical order
dir /o-n- List the files in reverse alphabetical order.

Dynamically Add/Remove Any number of Textboxes

<?php $max_no_boxes=10; ?>
 <script type="text/javascript">
 function addnames() {
 document.getElementById("totalnames").value	=
 Number(document.getElementById("totalnames").value) +	Number(1);
 Number(<?php echo $max_no_boxes ?>)){
 document.getElementById("totalnames").value=<?php echo $max_no_boxes ?>;
 function removenames() {
 document.getElementById("totalnames").value	=
 Number(document.getElementById("totalnames").value) -	Number(1);
 Number(<?php echo $max_no_boxes ?>))

 <td valign="top">Name</td>
 <td valign="top">
 <div class="project_right">
 <?php for($i=2;$i<=$max_no_boxes;$i++) { 	$nameValue	=	"name".$i; ?>
  <div style="display:<?php echo $totalnames>= $i ?"block":"none"; ?>"
  id="name<?= $i ?>">
 : <input type="text" name="name<?= $i ?>"  class="projectText"
 value="<?php echo $$nameValue ?>">
 <a href="javascript:return false;" onClick="javascript:removenames();">Remove</a>
 <?php } ?>
 <div style="width:175px;; clear: left; float:left">:
 <input type="text" name="name1" class="projectText"
 value="<?php echo $name1 ; ?>">
 <div style="width:20px; clear: none; float:left">
 <a id="nameButton" href="javascript:return false;"
 <input type="hidden" id="totalnames"  name="totalnames"
 value="<?php echo $totalnames==""?1:$totalnames; ?>" />

Submit HTML form to pop up page

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
	function MM_reloadPage(init) {
	if (init==true) with (navigator) {
	if ((appName=="Netscape")&&(parseInt(appVersion)==4)) {
	document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight;
	onresize=MM_reloadPage; }}
	else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW ||
	innerHeight!=document.MM_pgH) location.reload();
	function popupWindow(pageURL,WindowName,features) { //v2.0,WindowName,features);

<form method="post" action="test.php" target="list"
onSubmit="popupWindow('test.php','list','scrollbars=yes,width=500, height=400')">
	<input type="text" name="name">
	<input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit">