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Unable to load dynamic library ‘xampp\php\ext\php_memcache.dll’

I have configured Memcached in XAMPP running onwindows 10. But the module was not appearing in phpinfo() data.

The system was throwing the following error.

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘xampp\php\ext\php_memcache.dll’ – The specified module could not be found

The issue was due to the fact that the php_memcache.dll downloaded was not mathcing with the PHP version(7.1.14) that I have been using.

Later I downloaded the correct php_memcache.dll file from


Install Memcached XAMPP Windows 10

Memcache is a caching system used to speed up web applications by holding small pieces of arbitrary data, it could be broadly compared to the $_SESSION variable in PHP, but memcache works across the whole application not just on a per user basis and has been successfully proven to make great gains in speed increases on web applications.

Memcache was designed with Linux in mind and not windows, so it has posed some installation issues because Windows users are not so familiar with having to compile code from source as memcache does not come with any installation software. Continue reading Install Memcached XAMPP Windows 10



Following are the main diffrence

WAMP stands for windows, apache, mysql, php. • XAMPP stands for x-os, apache, mysql, php , perl. (x-os means it can be used for any operating system.)

xampp is easy to use than wamp. • The best advantage of using wamp is that it is easy to setup configuration in wamp.

xampp cpanel is very nice and good for beginner. • Xampp start, pause and stop button work very nicely by functionality. • You can add other services to xampp also

XAMPP is more powerful and resource consuming than WAMP. • WAMP provides support for MySQL and PHP. • XAMPP provides support for MYSQL, PHP and PERL.

XAMPP also has SSL feature while WAMP doesn’t. • WAMP provides support for MySQL and PHP. • XAMPP provides support for MYSQL, PHP and PERL.

If your applications need to deal with native web apps only, Go for WAMP. • If you need advanced features as stated above, go for XAMPP.

As of priority, you cant run both together with default installation as XAMPP gets a higher priority and it takes up ports. • So WAMP cant be run in parallel with XAMPP.



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