A Trait is simply a group of methods that you want include within another class. A Trait, like an abstract class, cannot be instantiated on it’s own.

As of PHP 5.4.0, PHP implements a method of code reuse called Traits.

A Trait is similar to a class, but only intended to group functionality in a fine-grained and consistent way. It is not possible to instantiate a Trait on its own. It is an addition to traditional inheritance and enables horizontal composition of behavior; that is, the application of class members without requiring inheritance.

  • Multiple traits can be used by a single class.
  • A trait can declare a private variable.
  • Traits are able to be auto-loaded.
 trait A {
 public function hello() {
 return "PHP";
 public function world() {
 return "Codez";
 class test{
 use A ;
 $obj = new test();
 echo $obj->hello()."\n";
 echo $obj->world()."\n";

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