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How To Reset Admin Password – Joomla

1) Login to phpmyadmin and select db and the table (jos_users) that
store users details   ie table with name end with “_users”2) Make sure that the username  exists in the table( let the user name be ‘admin’)

3) Execute the below given query  UPDATE jos_users
SET password=MD5(‘new password’) WHERE username = “admin”;

include a module inside a content item – Joomla 1.6

The code “{loadposition POSITION-NAME}” will help you to add a module in the content .

Follow the below given steps to include a module inside the content

1) Create a module from admin side and assign it to a position. let it be “position1”

Extensions->Module Manager ->New

2) Add a new article and include the code  “{loadposition position1 }” so as to load the module assigned to      that position “position1”

Content->Article Manager->Add New Article