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Constructor Property Promotion

Constructor Property Promotion is a simple shorthand syntax to declare and assign class properties from the constructor. It basically tells the way data has to be treated in code. Constructor Property Promotion is a new syntax provided in the newer version of PHP 8 that allows class property declaration and constructor assignment, variable assignment right from the constructor without getting in the condition of boilerplate code. This avoids having to type the class property name and property type from many to just once. It also avoids using repeated types. Promoted properties can only be used in constructors. Properties will be assigned before the rest of the constructor code is executed.

Named Arguments

Named arguments is a new feature introduced in PHP 8.0, which allows you to pass arguments to a function or method by specifying the parameter name along with the value. This feature provides developers with more flexibility and improves code readability.

Traditionally, in PHP, function parameters are passed by position, which means the order in which arguments are passed to a function must match the order of the parameters in the function signature. In contrast, named arguments allow you to specify which parameter you are passing the argument to, without being constrained by the order.