VI Editor

Next – }
Previous – {


Next sentance – )
Previous sentance – (

Inserting and appending text

inserts text to the left of cursor – i
nserts in the beginning of line -I
appends text to right of cursor -a
appends to the end of line- A

Adding new line

add a new line below the current line -o
adds a new line above the current line – O


Go to end of file – :$
on chacter forword – :w
One word forword – :W
go to a line number – :ine_number
display file info – :^g

Moving Cursor in File

Left – h
Right – l
Up – k
Down – j


Beginning – ^ or B
end – $

Deleting the text :

deletes text above the text – x
deletes text character on right of cursor- X
deletes line- 20 20d
deletes current line- dd
delete till end of current -line. D

Replacing a character & word

replace the character above the cursor – r
replces characters until Esc is pressed – R
replaces the word from cursor to the end indicated by $ sign – cw
replaces till end of line – C


subistutes current charcater – s
substitutes entire line – S

Undo last changes

undo last change – u
undo changes to the current line – U

Copy and pasting lines

copys the current line into buffer – yy
copies 5 lines from the current line – 5yy
pastes the current buffer – p


Searches for the word name in the file – /name
n continues search forward – n
N searches backwards – N


saves the text does not quit -:w
saves & quit the editor – :wq!
save ZZ
Quit without saving – q!
Search & Replace – s/<search>/<replace>/g .

Repeating last command .

Recovering a unsaved vi file – vi -r filename