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Way of storing data in a browser to id / track a user . Create (set) cookies with the setcookie() or setrawcookie() function and It must be called before sending any output to browser .

It can delay script output using output buffering, to allow time to decide to set cookies or send headers

Setcookie() params are defined according to specifications:

  • $name=value string
  • $value=value string
  • $expire=date optional; default is session end
  • $path=path specifies urls in a domain for which cookie is valid
  • $domain=domain_name check on domain attributes of cookies against host internet domain name
  • $secure cookie only transmitted via secure channels (https); boolean
  • $httponly cookie only made accessible via http protocol, not javascript; boolean

Access with $_cookie or $_request superglobals . Cookie data from the client is automatically sent to $_cookie, if params of variables_order() include “c” (environment/get/post/cookie/server) . It will overwrite itself if name, path, domain, secure, and http_only are identical .

Cookies are part of the http header o as with sessions, multiple values can be assigned to an array and To assign all values to only one cookie, can use serialize() or implode() with first value