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Magento 2 Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

  • The Cost Difference
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeted Promotions to Drive Conversions
  • Customer Attribute Management for Advanced Personalization
  • Recommend, Up Sell and Cross Sell More Products with Rule Based Product Relations
  • Visual Merchandizer to Boost Conversions
  • Powerful Search to Drive Conversions
  • Limited Catalog Access to Display Products by Customer Group
  • Add to Cart by SKU to Improve Conversions
  • Streamline Returns with Advanced RMA
  • Drive Customer Loyalty and Rewards
  • Convert Returns into Future Sales with Store Credits
  • Keep Customers Coming back with Gift Cards
  • Promote Return Visits with Multiple Wish Lists
  • Increase Sales and Loyalty with a Custom Gift Registry
  • Private Sales and Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Increase Sales with Automated Email Reminders
  • Advanced Content Management Systems
  • Order Archiving to Make Store Management Convenient
  • Advanced Permissions for Improved Control
  • Support Tools to Quickly Diagnose and Resolve Issues
  • Content Staging and Preview
  • Architecture that Scales with your Business
  • MySQL Cluster Support for High Availability
  • Drive Performance with Message Queues
  • Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database
  • You are in Safe Hands with Strong Data Encryption, Hashing and Key Management
  • Dedicated Support for the Difficult Times

Deploy Static Content Magento 2

The static view files deployment command enables you to write static files to the Magento file system .

The term “Static” means it can be cached for a site( images ,JS and CSS )

The term “View” refers to the presentation layer (from MVC).

Static view files are located in the pub/static directory, and some are cached in the var/view_preprocessed directory as well.

Static view files deployment is affected by Magento modes as follows:

Default and developer modes: Magento generates them on demand, but the rest are cached in a file for speed of access.

Production mode: Static files are not generated or cached.

You can deploy the static content by running the below command.

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


magento 2 technical problem with the server created an error

I have faced the same issue and its like the system was throwing the below error

Magento ver. 2.2.0-dev – A technical problem with the server created an error. Try again to continue what you were doing. If the problem persists, try again later

To fix the issue I have deployed the static content again and done reindexing and cache clearing

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

php bin/magento cache:flush


Writeable Folders Magento 2

“{“path”:”app/etc”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”var”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”pub/media”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”pub/static”}” writable directory permission.
“{“path”:”generated”}” writable directory permission.


PHP Extensions Required Magento 2

PHP Extension curl.
PHP Extension dom.
PHP Extension iconv.
PHP Extension mcrypt.
PHP Extension simplexml.
PHP Extension spl.
PHP Extension xsl.
PHP Extension intl.
PHP Extension mbstring.
PHP Extension ctype.
PHP Extension hash.
PHP Extension openssl.
PHP Extension pdo_mysql.
PHP Extension soap.
PHP Extension zip.
PHP Extension phar.
PHP Extension xmlwriter.
PHP Extension libxml.
PHP Extension pcre.
PHP Extension gd.