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/var/crash/ files

They are crash dumps of the kernel, i.e. files that contains useful information to recover the state of the kernel when it was crashing. These files are for your kernel what core dumps are for ordinary executables. There exists an utility that can be used to analyze those files : crash

You can delete files in under /var/crash if you’re willing to lose useful information needed to debug those crashes.

Size of a Directory

The du command displays the amount of file space used by the specified files or directories. If the specified path is a directory, du summarizes disk usage of each subdirectory in that directory. If no path is specified, du reports the disk usage of the current working directory .

sudo du -sh /var

Expectations php

Expectations are a backwards compatible enhancement to the older assert() function. Expectation allows for zero-cost assertions in production code, and provides the ability to throw custom exceptions when the assertion fails. assert() is now a language construct, where the first parameter is an expression as compared to being a string or Boolean to be tested.