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PHP Encapsulation

The wrapping up of data and methods into a single unit (called class) is known as encapsulation. Encapsulation is a protection mechanism for the data members and methods present inside the class. In the encapsulation technique, we are restricting the data members from access to outside world end-user.

In PHP, encapsulation utilized to make the code more secure and robust. Using encapsulation, we are hiding the real implementation of data from the user and also does not allow anyone to manipulate data members except by calling the desired operation.


Variable pools PHP

Variable pools are functional groupings of variables within Service Manager. There are currently four variable pools


A global variable is visible to the entire system. It begins with $G. or $lo..


A local variable is only visible to the RAD application in which it was defined. It begins with $L..


A parameter variable is defined on a parameter command panel. It may contain a value passed in from another application. By convention, parameter variables are written in uppercase letters, such as $PHASE or $GROUP.LIST. Parameter variables are invisible to the debugger.


A thread variable is only visible to the thread in which it was defined. The same variable in different threads has different values, even when the threads are spawned by the same parent.

Figcaption Tag HTML5

The <figcaption> element is used to provide a caption to an image. It is an optional tag and can appear before or after the content within the <figure> tag. The <figcaption> element is used with <figure> element and it can be placed as the first or last child of the <figure> element.

Canvas Element HTML5

The <canvas> element is a container that is used to draw graphics on the web page using scripting language like JavaScript. It allows for dynamic and scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. There are several methods in canvas to draw paths, boxes, circles, text and add images

Document JavaScript

The document comes under the windows object and can also be considered as its property.

JavaScript Document object is an object that provides access to all HTML elements of a document. When an HTML document is loaded into a browser window, then it becomes a document object. The document object stores the elements of an HTML document, such as HTML, HEAD, BODY, and other HTML tags as objects.