Configure Memcached Magento 2

Memcached is an open-source memory object caching system that web sites can use to help accelerate page load times. Memcached works by caching in RAM frequently accessed data, such as the results of API calls, database calls, and more.

Click here to undersatnd how to configure memcached in XAMPP – WIndows 10

To enable memcached for Magento 2, you need to change some settings in the env.php file. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Open the file app/etc/env.php

2) Locate the following section in the env.php file:
‘session’ =>
array (
‘save’ => ‘files’,
Modify this section as follows:

‘session’ =>
array (
‘save’ => ‘memcached’,
‘save_path’ => ‘’

3)Save your changes to the env.php file.

4) Edit the php ini.file

Seacch for the string in php.ini file ‘session.save_handler=files’ and update it to ‘session.save_handler=memcached’

Now memcached is enabled for you magento site

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