What are the different components used in PHP for formatting?

The components that are used in PHP for formatting are as follows:
1. %: it tells the start of the formatting instruction.
2. Padding character (pad): is used to fill out the string when the value to be formatted is smaller than the width assigned. Pad can be a space, a 0, or any character preceded by a single quote (‘).
3. -: A symbol meaning to left-justify the characters. If this is not included, the characters are right-justified.
4. width: The number of characters to use for the value. If the value doesn’t fill the width, the padding character is used to pad the value. For example, if the width is 5, the padding character is 0, and the value is 1, the output is 00001.
5. dec: The number of decimal places to use for a number. This value is preceded by a decimal point.
6. type: The type of value. Use s(string) for string, f (float) for numbers that you want to format with decimal places.

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